we believe



1. We are a team of over 250 volunteers and over 70 Missions and Churches committed to serve wherever needed

2. We have a good mix of variety of Professionals and non-professionals spread across various parts of India and other countries

3. We work with all like minded individuals, Churches and Organizations

1. If you are willing to share your God given gifts and talents to bless people

2. If you are committed to be available to serve anywhere

3. If you do not have any interests of financial gains in GIFT

4. If you are willing to learn and work in a team situation

Growth in faith & truth

Bible exhorts people to give freely and without grumbling. With this thought in mind, GIFT is born to serve those in need through volunteers. 

​GIFT has two aspects to its work:

1. Raising volunteers: We seek to mobilize committed Christians to volunteer with their own God given gifts, talents and resources to bless those in need

2. We constantly seek to serve the communities in need with the help of the GIFT volunteers